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Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Repair Services for Any Size Garage Doors

Safety Inspection

We will complete a safety checklist of all the moving parts. Our technicians will check the function and weight of the door. We look for stress cracks, friction, and listen for worn parts. Your door has over 50 moving parts working together at all times. Call us today to schedule a FREE Safety Inspection.

Complete Tune-Up and Lube of Door and Opener

Your door has over 50 moving parts. We lubricate all the moving parts, including Hinges, Bearings, Springs , and Track. The lubricate all the moving parts of the opener as well, including Gears, Sprockets, Chain, Screw Drive, and Tension Springs. Our technicians will have your door operating at peak efficiency and quiet as ever. Call us today to schedule your Lube and Tune.

Spring Replacement and Adjustment

Broken Springs are one of the most common repairs performed. The Torsion Springs balance and lift the door. Your Springs are under full pressure when your door is closed. As the door lifts, the Spring pressure releases. The more you open your door, the sooner the Springs are going to brake.

Not all doors use the same Springs. With 10 or more Standard Spring sizes, it’s vital to have a professional perform this service. Our technicians have witnessed countless doors with the wrong springs installed. Incorrect Springs will break sooner than expected, put excessive pressure on the opener, or fail to keep the cables tight. Call us today and schedule a technician to come out and replace and balance your door.

Opener Repair and Replacement

We service and repair multiple brands of openers. Some of the most common repairs are gear replacement, safety sensors, force adjustment, and circuit board replacement. Our technicians also install all brands of openers, remotes, and keypads. Call us today and schedule your opener repair or replacement.

Crashed Door / Door Off Track

Did you close your door on something? Did your cables come off the drums? Cracked hinges caused your door to come off track. Rollers came out, and now your door will not open. Whatever the case, we can get it back on track. Your door has many moving parts that work together to keep your door on track and working every time. When some of these parts break or fail, this can cause your door to come off track. Our technician will reset and re-balance your door. If your door is off track and cables, call us today to schedule an appointment.

Damaged Panels

Did you back your car into the door before it was open? Did you drive your car into the door before it was open? Did you close the door with something in the way? When your door panels have stress cracks or tares, we can help. A lot of times we can repair the panels versus replacing them. Some of the most common panel damages are on the top panel. This is usually due to an unbalanced door or incorrect travel settings on the opener. Call us today and schedule an appointment.

New Door Installation

We install multiple brands and sizes of doors. We have economical, insulated, and steel back doors. Call us today and schedule an appointment to give you a door estimate.

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